Best Bow Mount Trolling Motors For The Money With Buyer’s Guide

Best Bow Mount Trolling Motors For The Money
Serious anglers around the world have found the usefulness and convenience of a bow mount trolling motor which gives them a lot better control than the other types. It is the perfect option for people who seek a trolling motor, which makes their fishing boats as maneuverable as it should be. More so, it is definitely more convenient for people who fish in the fore-deck of a bass boat or the open bow-rider. Thus, opting for the best bow mount trolling motors is pivotal. This choice will ensure the performance and outcome of your day on the water.


But, which exactly is the best bow mount trolling motor for the money? The entire decision of picking the best bow mount trolling motor comes down to the boat weight, size, and the purpose for which you intend to use it. We understand that opting for the right motor can be a bit of a task, especially since many variables are available in the market. Unfortunately, the real problem is that the trolling motor manufacturers provide you with only some basic guidelines.


To be honest with you, the trolling motor is not necessarily a bit investment to the boat, but reading through the bow mount trolling motor reviews and choosing the right one will make you feel so comfortable. If you are new to this entire drill, this guide can be immensely helpful for you. Here are a few things that you should know about the selection of the trolling motor for your boat. More so, we also provide you with an in-depth review of a few of the best bow mount trolling motors on the market that you may be seeking.


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Best Bow Mount Trolling Motor Reviews

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Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor


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Minn Kota Maxxum 70 Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Maxxum 70 Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Foot Control and Bowguard


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Aquos White Haswing Cayman 12V 55 lbs. Trolling Motor

Aquos White Haswing Cayman 12V 55 lbs. Trolling Motor


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MotoGuide Bow Mount Trolling Motor

MotoGuide Bow Mount Trolling Motor


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Minn Kota Edge 70 Bow Mount Foot Control Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Edge 70 Bow Mount Foot Control Trolling Motor


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Black Haswing 12V Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Black Haswing 12V Bow Mount Trolling Motor


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Minn Kota Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor


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Motorguide X3 Bow Mount Hand Control Trolling Motor

Motorguide X3 Bow Mount Hand Control Trolling Motor


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1. Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor

At number one in our best bow mount trolling motors list, is the Minn Kota bow mount trolling motor. The brand is trendy and is famous for making reliable fishing gears, and this motor is no different. This motor will last you many, many years, regardless of the harshest conditions.


This trolling motor is engineered with rugged construction and a sleek body, which makes it easy to operate and accentuates its looks. What makes this trolling motor stand out in the crowd is its exquisite co-pilot feature.


The I-Pilot is a Bluetooth operated feature, which gives you complete control over the direction and motor speed via your smartphone. Via the app, you have full access to wireless GPS control, record current paths, track your past routes, and do a lot more.


One of the most excellent features of the application is that it comes with a GPS anchor feature, locking the boat on a particular location and gives you absolute flexibility to focus the fishing instead of bothering about controlling the boat.


Along with the application, there are more outstanding features that you will appreciate. One such feature is the deploy assist. Via this feature, all you have to do is press a lever, and the trolling motor will be deployed. The motor has a push for testing a deep cycle battery meter, which is indeed very accurate. It comes with a weedless wedge, two props, and a composite shaft, which lets it handle underwater impact quite well.


It comes with several different accessories, including fully sealed electronics with zinc anode, powder primer, anodized plating, and marine-grade urethane to reduce corrosion.


Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor $2,704.99


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Key features

  • New Deploy-Assist Lever
  • Digital Maximizer
  • Redesigned foot pedal is available as an option
  • CoPilot is standard



  • Phenomenal performance on saltwater
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Comes with I-Pilot, a Bluetooth controlled app


  • Expensive.


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2. Minn Kota Maxxum 70 Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Foot Control and Bowguard – Editor’s Pick

Next in our best bow mount trolling motor for the money list is the Maximum Minn Kota trolling motor. It is indeed a step up from the Minn Kota Edge as they offer a larger thrust level, an illuminated directional indicator, and beefy spring-protected shaft housing. In some select models, you also get a variable speed motor. This motor is designed for medium to large freshwater v-hull, general fishing boats up to 23 feet, pontoon, and bass.


Its trolling motor comes with a super heavy-duty illuminated directional indicator, integrated digital maximizer technology, aluminum mono arm, and a Push-to-Test battery meter. Its digital maximizer technology offers it a five times longer run time on a single battery charge. It does so by drawing only the power that the motor needs. The Bowguard 360° tends to break away on impact from any direction and automatically resets itself. Thus, it guards your boat and your motor. So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


Minn Kota Maxxum 70 Bow-Mount Trolling Motor $699.99 – $2,219.99


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Key features

  • Too quiet to scare off the fish
  • Bow-mounted motor
  • Pulls the boat and not push it
  • Provides quick response
  • Assures better control



  • Allows easy positioning
  • Transom-mounted motor
  • Super-large commuters and winding to keep it cooler
  • Good battery power and motor life
  • Runs quietly because of its designed bearing system


  • Not meant for saltwater or brackish
  • If used in brackish, the motor will corrode


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3. Aquos White Haswing Cayman 12V 55 lbs. Trolling Motor

Next on our list is the Aquos White Haswing Motor. It is ranked high in our list for its distinct variety of characteristics. One of the most notable features of this motor is its excellent performance in both saltwater and freshwater. In our bow mount trolling motor reviews, you will see so many motors that are suitable strictly for freshwater. However, this one is not like them. You can use this motor in both freshwater and saltwater conditions.


One of the most likable things about this motor is compared to the similar remote-controlled trollers, bow-mounted motors; this one is a lot more affordable. It has similar capabilities and features at a lot more affordable rate. Moreover, this troller is indeed very enjoyable. Want to know how? It is because this motor comes equipped with wireless remote steering placing a boat control system around your belt or neck or in the palm of your hands. So, you can carry the remote-control unit, as and how you like it. The unit even has a button for adjusting speeds. It allows you to undertake efficient hands-free fishing.


The depth collar of the motor allows for simple and quick depth changes while maneuvering in the water. After you have found the requisite depth, the shaft is locked in tight to maintain the requisite length. Furthermore, its deploy and stow pedal eases the transition from the water to the surface. The 48-inch shaft of the motor is ideal for different boat types. It also comes with a revolutionary quick-release bracket that enables easy installation and removal.


However, the only problem with this motor is its brittle plastic rollers on the mount arms. They tend to break easily, especially while you cruise.

We want to conclude by saying that if you see a sturdy, multifunctional, durable, and smooth cruise control troller that allows you to fish hands-free and select your cruise speed, this can be a good pick for you.


Aquos White Haswing Cayman 12V 55 lbs. Trolling Motor $659.00


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Key Features

  • 34 lbs. weight
  • 3-blade propeller
  • 48” shaft
  • 55 lbs. thrust power



  • Remote control capabilities
  • Amazing cruise control
  • Works in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Variable speed to move at your preferred level


  • Certain mounting parts come off easily, which hampers its ability to mount the motor securely on the boat at high speeds.


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4. MotoGuide Bow Mount Trolling Motor

If you seek one of the best bow mount trolling motors, this one can be a good pick. It is a versatile trolling motor that lets you fish with tranquility. The MotoGuide Xi5 Bow Mount Trolling Motor comes with wireless handheld control. So, this means that regardless of which corner of the boat you are on, you can easily control the device. One of the most notable aspects of this motor is that it has been designed particularly to take you through the saltwater. So, that means with this motor, your saltwater experience is well taken care of.


Reading the bow mount trolling motor reviews for this piece, another nice thing you’ll notice is that this motor is an innovative mount, which comes with an easy-to-read LED dashboard. This lets you have an easy look at the four functions regardless of how bright or low the light is. So, even if you are fishing on a cloudy day, fret no more, as your MotoGuide Xi5 bow mount trolling motor will ensure that you are never stranded.


This motor comes with a super-precise GPS, one of the finest that we have ever seen in the industry. It allows the boat to provide you with three times precise holding on the anchor point. This version comes with a thrust option of 55-pounds and is ideal for powerboats in-between the range of 16 to 25 feet.


We like this motor because it is its digital variable speed control feature, which helps you save some battery and assures great control over the preferred speed limit. This one comes equipped with a dual cable system, which runs between the control head and the foot pedal.

Furthermore, the MotoGuide Xi5 Bow Mount Trolling motor also has a unique technology known as the variable-ratio steering that lets you have more control over the boat. You will not experience any pause or torque when you handle this motor. Thus, if you seek a motor with an unparalleled control level, this one can be a great choice.


MotoGuide Bow Mount Trolling Motor $1,882.56




Key features

  • Wireless handheld control that allows you to control remotely from anywhere on the boat
  • Easy-to-read LED dashboard, regardless of the light conditions
  • Pinpoint GPS that assures three times precision control
  • Versatile 12-volt motor


  • Quiet motor
  • Phenomenal motor speed
  • Great directional control
  • In-built integrated sonar
  • Great for saltwater conditions
  • Tough mounting bracket


  • The foot paddle is a bit light.


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5. Minn Kota Edge 70 Bow Mount Foot Control Trolling Motor

It is one of the best bow mount trolling motors owing to its super-high power. It comes with a super-impressive 70 lbs of thrust power. This giant troller is vast enough to glide through the most turbulent waters without a hassle.


One of the most likable things about this motor is its quietness. The first speed is adequate to move even the 18-foot fiberglass boat effortlessly in the calm water. However, if you end up in choppy waters, the fifth speed will be your pick to quietly and quickly take you through the destination.


The motor is engineered with robust materials. The spine is marine-grade aluminum and comprises a durable composite head and shaft. Given all of these characteristics, you get yourself a troller, which will withstand the unscathed water against powerful winds and high impacts. This one is also quite durable.


The Minn Kota Edge 70 comes packed with an ergonomic foot pedal. That means that you can use your hands for what is vital that is reeling in the catch.


The five-forward speed capacity provides you with the independence to pick a cruise speed. In case the troller gets damaged, all you have to do is connect with customer care as long as you are under the two-years warranty period. Whatever happens, they are generous enough to sort it all out with a replacement.


The only problem that you may experience with this motor is that the shaft seal is not adequate. It may need frequent oiling of the motor’s swivel part with silicone spray and oil mandatory for keeping the motor operational.


The bottom line is if you seek a strong motor, which will take you through the most powerful winds, then Minn Kota could be a good pick. It comes with a superb seventy lbs of thrust power, which makes it easy for it to lead you in the direction of the fish, even if you have to fare your way through some resilient currents in the way.


Minn Kota Edge 70 Bow Mount Foot Control Trolling Motor $299.99 – $915.07


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Key Features

  • 45” shaft
  • Ergonomic foot pedal
  • 70 lbs. thrust power
  • 44 lbs. weight



  • Different speed controls
  • Powerful, quiet, and strong
  • Generous two-year warranty
  • Easy to install


  • The jump from speed level four to five seems abrupt


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6. Black Haswing 12V Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Haswing USA is an excellent company, which has a fine reputation for yielding top-quality motors. This one is one of the best bow mount trolling motor for the money, which s a good pick for both saltwater and freshwater activities. With this, you get 55 lbs of thrust. More so, the motor is perfect for boats that weigh up to 2750 lbs. This one is noiseless, energy-efficient, and compact. It also comes with a host of features, which makes it the ideal pick for anglers. You may quite like the wireless remote control abilities of this motor. The small handheld device lets you conveniently control the motor on the boat from a distance of approximately 164 feet. This means you can steer and control the vessel from the land, even without removing your hands from the rod.


The troller also comes with cruise control, which lets you enjoy hassle-free navigation while focusing on fishing with easy corrections and adjustments to the speed with only a push of a button. You naturally will have to adjust the heading time and again, but there is not much inconvenience.


Steering comes as easy as turning a handle. So, you can easily put the boat in reverse by turning the handle to a complete 180-degrees. It has a 54-inch shaft designed with stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials wrapped in a collapsible and compact package, making it easy to install and remove on other vessels in just some seconds.


This motor, though a good value for money, is quite expensive. However, for anyone who wishes for a hassle-free experience, this one is a good pick.


Black Haswing 12V Bow Mount Trolling Motor $659.00


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Key features

  • Comfortable to carry, owing to ergonomic lifting handle
  • Easy to use depth collar
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for several boat types
  • Phenomenal cruise controls
  • Wireless remote control



  • 12V motor that assures excellent energy efficiency
  • Comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Compatible with both saltwater and freshwater activities
  • Handheld wireless motor control


  • Expensive

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7. Minn Kota Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Do you seek a versatile and one of the best bow mount trolling motors? If yes, we have found the one for you. The Minn Kota Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor i-Pilot Link US2 comes with a host of premium features. Its price is slightly on the steeper side, but its durability and incredible performance make every penny you spend worth it.


This motor comes with a rugged body capable of enduring even the most challenging situations without experiencing any wear and tear. One of the unique features of the troller is the i-Pilot feature. Your boating and fishing experience will reach an entirely new height with the trolling motor with this feature. The motor’s GPS and power-steering features will let you lock the specific location of your choice and fish as you like. Further, its steering is assisted with autopilot and auto-lock buttons. These will ensure that your boat rides are as hassle-free as possible.


You can also download the Minn Kota app on your phone to remote control the troller. This Ultrex’s operating system is praise-worthy. With this noise-free motor, you can get to the fishing spots of your choice without scaring away the fishes in your direction. Thus, regardless of how deep or shallow the water is, you will face no trouble if you have this motor with you.


Minn Kota Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor $2,699.99


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Key features

  • Does not scare away the fishes
  • Comes with an upgraded i-Pilot feature
  • Comes with a foot pedal
  • Comes with a foot pedal


  • Comes with an array of incredible features
  • Durable build quality
  • Cool and quiet operation
  • Ideal for freshwater and saltwater


  • Very expensive


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8. Motorguide X3 Bow Mount Hand Control Trolling Motor

Last in our best bow mount trolling motor for the money list is the Motor Guide X3. It is a trolling motor that comes with a tiller to control speed and position. Some anglers love using a tiller over the wireless remote or a foot pedal. Though this is not very common, it is indeed one effective way to control your boat.


Motorguide X3 Bow Mount Hand Control Trolling Motor $369.99


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Key features

  • Prop Type: 3 Blade Machete.
  • Speeds:5 Forward, 3 Reverse.
  • Thrust Level:45-Pound.
  • Shaft Lengths: 50-Inch.
  • Saltwater Rated:
  • Control:Extending Tiller.
  • Voltage: 12V



  •  Quiet 3-blade Machete propeller
  •  A lifetime warranty
  • Composite shaft
  • Composite locking pins
  • Extendable tiller handle
  • New mount design


  • Rating is low


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Best Bow Mount Trolling Motor For The Money: Buyer’s Guide

1) Where Are You Operating?


If you carefully see through our bow mount trolling motor reviews, you will understand that in most cases, the freshwater trolling motors tend to be cheaper than the saltwater brethren. It is primarily because the freshwater is not particularly damaging to the components. But, these motors come equipped with a special propeller, which can cut through the weeds. It is one feature that is absent in most saltwater models. However, we never recommend the use of a freshwater motor in the ocean.



The best bow mount trolling motors for saltwater are the ones that have been engineered to withstand the harmful impact of saltwater. If you are fishing in the sea, you must know that the salt content there is enormous. This can corrode and rust your equipment. Consequently, it will harm the motor, especially the area around the shaft. Typically, the saltwater motors are a little too powerful. It is because they have to compact the ocean and not the calm waters. The good thing about these motors is that you can easily employ them in the freshwater if needed.


2) What is the size of the trolling motor needed?

Often in a lot of the bow mount trolling motor reviews, one of the most confusing things is the motor’s size. For the buyer, too, it may get confusing to decide what size motor they need. Precisely, there are three key factors of searching for the right size of the trolling motor, that is, the degree of thrust the vessel needs, the volts required to power it, and finally, the shaft’s length needed to offer adequate propulsion via the water. Here are a few things you should know.



Thrust means the power that the motor has. In America, thrust is measured in pounds. It is the standard rule of thumb, the heavier the boat, the more thrust is needed by you to move it across the water. Generally spelling, you need at least 2 pounds of thrust for over 100 lbs of the overall weight. Here, the key term that you need to keep in mind is ‘overall.’ Overall weight needs to be considered because this figure needs to include the passengers and gear weight too. So, only taking into account the boat weight is not enough.


Through our bow mount trolling motor reviews, we would like to state it for once and all, the more the thrust, the better it will be, regardless. Higher thrust enables you to fare through the trickier conditions involving strong currents and winds. However, there is one problem with it too. If the thrust is more, it, at times, tend to cause a higher disturbance in the water. Consequently, the fishes are frightened and tend to go farther from you.



The next thing that you ought to consider is the voltage. Voltage is measured in volts. It determines the electrical power that a motor will need. Please understand that if you have a 12-volt motor, then it will need a 12-volt battery. However, if you pick a 24-Volt motor, then it will need two batteries of 12-volts each. Thus, the basic rule is you will need one battery for every 12 volts that the motor demands.


Generally speaking, motors offer less than 55 pounds of thrust, which will need a single 12-Volt battery. From sixty pounds to 84 pounds, twenty volts, employing two twelve-volt batteries, is needed. If the thrust is higher than 100 pounds, it will need thirty-six volts battery, meaning three twelve-volt batteries. This is a general rule, but we recommend you follow the manufacturer’s advice on getting the optimum results with your best bow mount trolling motor for the money.


Shaft Length

The last factor that you need to take into consideration is the shaft length. Inaccurate shaft length will not do you any good. If the shaft is too small, the propeller would not be submerged enough to offer you the desired propulsion. On the other hand, if the shaft is too long for the waters you are exploring, you may hit rock bottom and, in turn, damage the propeller.


Operation type

Once you have decided on the motor type after going through bow mount trolling motor reviews, you are ready to get on with all the fun. Now we can focus on the more intricate details. A vital aspect that several boaters take some time to consider is the available operation type. Do you wish for A hands-free foot pedal or a good old-fashioned hand tiller? You can also look for something modern, maybe one that comes with wireless remote control.


Hand steer

Steering via a hand-operated tiller is the most traditional method of boat steering and motor controlling. Most of the tiller controls come with a telescopic handle that allows precise steering with phenomenal maneuverability and easy handling. However, they do require your hands, which can be a pain if you intend to place your hands on the rod at all times.


Cable Steer

Usually, if you go with a cable-operated device, they are governed by a foot pedal. These pedals tend to control cables, which deliver instructions to the motor. They generally have toe or heel operation to control forward power. Many even come with the right and left steering abilities too. Foot pedal cable steering devices are ideal for people who prefer a hands-free experience.


Electric steer

It is a bit on the expensive side of the scale. However, you can find electronically controlled steering options. The most basic of these come with a wireless remote control steering that comes packed with a handheld device or touchscreen. A couple of more advanced options employ GPS technology. Some other compatible devices use autopilot systems, which utilize satellite technology to hold you in a particular place if it is your favorite fishing spot or lead you to your desired destination. However, these options come at a price.


Best Bow Mount Trolling Motors: Top Features To Look For

Like electronic steering, some of the best bow mount trolling motors happen to be incredibly technologically advanced. So, in addition to helping you find the best bow mount trolling motor for the money, we also want you to get the best features in your chosen motors. Here are a few top-level features that you need to consider when shortlisting your choice of the motor from our bow mount trolling motor reviews.



GPS-equipped marine devices are indeed an essential requirement if you are a serious boater. These devices enable you to locate your top favorite fishing spot easily and effortlessly. These lead you in the right direction if you are ever lost. Some of the best bow mount trolling motors with GPS devices also help you contact help if you are in an emergency situation.



Cruise control and autopilot are pretty useful if you are planning to head out on a long journey. With an autopilot in place, even if your full attention is not on the steering and control, you have nothing to worry about. More so, having an autopilot device leaves you free to simultaneously do some other things, such as keep a tab on the weather conditions, relax for a bit while you are on the water, or get your gear in order. Certain devices also come with spot-lock features, which keep the vessel locked in place via the motor to reposition the vessel if the current attempt to drag your boat away.


Fish Finder Sonar

If you are aware of fish finders’ working, you will know that these are much like GPS devices. However, they also come with the benefit of underwater sonar. Using transducer attachments, fish finder sonar sends across multiple sonar pulses via water to detect fish and underwater topography, giving you a clear indication of what’s below your hull. For a fisherman, fish finders are one of the must-have devices.


Connectivity & Compatibility

Though some of the best bow mount trolling motors come with Wi-Fi connectivity, when we say connectivity, we mean that it is a motor, which can easily connect to other marine-based devices. A few brands, such as Garmin, provide you with full compatibility in all their product ranges. As a result, you can connect your trolling motor to devices, such as a fish finder. Some motors connect with phone applications, while others can connect with GPS devices. If connectivity and technology is your thing, these are vital factors to take note of.


Stowage & Deployment

As trolling motors are to be deployed, it is worth considering how easy it is for you to get them into the water. A few of them come with spring-loaded features. These make deployment easier. It also makes the motor a breeze to stow and pull up. Several modern motors come with pedal-operation and power-assisted functions, which simplify the job for you. Though it is not a detrimental factor, it does work in the long-run if you do bear it in mind when you go shopping for the best bow mount trolling motor for the money.



If you like using a kayak or if you have multiple boats, and enjoy using it in a canoe in your favorite river, lake, and desire to employ a pontoon boat for coastal fishing, then we would recommend you to shop for a trolling motor that will cater to all of these. It is best to opt for compact best bow mount trolling motors, which can be easily transported. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.


Parts accessibility

Best bow mount trolling motor for the money always ensures that the spare parts of your motor are easily accessible. It is a vital factor of consideration that you should never ignore. Most of the high-end, reputed brands tend to sell high priced items, but they come with excellent customer service and easy access to the parts. On the other hand, the lesser-known brands tend to sell low-quality products at cheaper rates. However, if anything goes wrong or if a part goes amiss, you may have to replace the complete product because the part is never easily accessible.

Thus, when you shop, you should always read the bow mount trolling motor reviews’ comments sections. It will enable you to know about the parts supply and customer service experience of the existing customers.


Bottom line: Which Is The Best Trolling Motor?

Let us just start by saying, after reading these bow mount trolling motor reviews, you may understand one thing – there is no one size that fits all that will please everyone. Something that works well for one fisherman employing a particular boat type may be entirely wrong for another fisher using a different boat type. Thus, if you religiously understand and follow our guide, read through some other reviews, and back it with your personal research, then you will be able to find the perfect trolling motor to satiate your needs.


Happy Fishing!